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『 雙城琴緣 』 BHSO x TCPH 音樂會


29 November 2019 – The Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra travelled to Taipei, Taiwan and performed a concert in conjunction with the Taipei City Philharmonic (TCPH). 

Titled 《雙城琴緣 》or “The Fate of Two Cities”, this concert was an international exchange between two community orchestras, and we had a lot of fun and great times learning from and playing music with one another.

The concert took place at the Luzhou KHS Concert Hall, and was conducted by the music directors of both orchestras: Adrian Tan and Lai Yichia. We performed Tchaikovsky’s March from “The Nutcracker”, Marche Slave, and Symphony No. 5, as well as Sibelius’s Violin Concerto, with our concertmaster Yew Shan as soloist. We also performed “Longing for Spring Breeze” (望见春风) as our encore.

Before the concert, we had rehearsals at a music room in a primary school. These moments were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to play music together with our fellow Taiwan friends, as we rehearsed through the couple of nights prior to the concert.

Maestra Apo Hsu, renowned conductor and long-time BHSO friend based in Taiwan, also made a guest appearance during one rehearsal, and we were very happy to see her!

Outside of rehearsals, we were also invited to a welcome party organised by the TCPH, held at Campus Cafe, where we got to mingle with our fellow musicians even further.

In addition, the orchestra went sightseeing around Taiwan at places like the Jiufen and Shifen night markets, the Chimei Museum and Anping Old Street in Tainan!

The experience was truly enjoyable for all the members involved. The hours spent rehearsing and performing in Taiwan was an eye-opening experience for all, and collaborating with TCPH let us experience the music we love through a new lens.

In addition, exploring Taiwan together created many lasting friendships and memories for the years to come!

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the Taipei City Philharmonic and Maestra Lai Yichia, and look forward to hopeful future collaborations!

“Longing for Spring Breeze” (望见春风)

Our encore piece (望见春风) performed and recorded at our 15 December concert “Ice & Fire: Yew Shan plays Sibelius” at the School of the Arts (SOTA) in Singapore. This was the same piece performed in『 雙城琴緣 』with 台北城市愛樂 (Taipei City Philharmonic), led by Maestra Lai Yichia.

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