Season 2022

Beautiful Sunday - New Beginnings

Sunday, 3 April 2022
2 – 3pm
Esplanade Concert Hall

Sibelius       Andante Festivo
Holst           St Paul’s Suite
Vivaldi         Spring and Autumn from The Four Seasons
Kelly Tang  The Moon Represents my Heart and Shanghai Jazz

The Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra takes to the stage once again in The Esplanade’s Beautiful Sunday Series!

The orchestra hoped to continue the realisation of our vision and role as music-makers for the community, albeit during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This concert marks the beginning of a new year of music-making for Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra. It is also the opening of a new chapter in BHSO’s life as it ventures forth without the guiding force (and baton) of its late Music Director, Adrian Tan. His musicians miss him, his absence is still tangible, and we hope we did him proud and honoured his memory with this performance.