Join our Family

Are you interested in being a part of the Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra?

We are now offering video auditions on a rolling basis!

Record and submit your audition at your own convenience and time.

To join us, please read the requirements and contact us below.

Audition Requirements (General Information for all):

  • Two Constrasting Pieces that showcases your best works!

We may request for more pieces as necessary to better understand your strengths in order to match the correct seating or position.

Virtual Audition Steps and requirements:

    1. Record the entire requirement into one video clip. The video must include your piece of choice and ALL excerpts. Edited videos are accepted; you can record each piece and excerpt in separate takes and combine them into one video. However, editing within each piece or excerpt is not acceptable.
    2. Make sure we can see and hear you clearly. Refer to the link here on how to make a good video recording.
    3. Email us at with the link to your audition (uploaded as an unlisted Youtube video). In your email, please tell us relevant information about yourself and how you can contribute to BHSO, besides just playing in the orchestra
    4. We would prefer if you upload your video to Youtube unlisted. If you are not able to do that, you can also send us the file via email.
    5. We look forward to watching your videos!

For more information, contact us via email to