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Gilbert & Sullivan’s
The Pirates of Pulau Penzance
The Pirates of Pulau Penzance (Property of BHSO)
Sunday, 28 June 2015, 5.00pm
School of the Arts (SOTA) Concert Hall
Adrian Tan, conductor
The Joy Chorale
Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan
The Pirates of Penzanze
In a hilarious concert adaptation of one of the most popular works of the dynamic duo of the English comic operetta W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan, the BHSO brings us back in time and space to the pirate-infested waters off the coast of Singapore in the late 1800s to marvel at the merry adventures of The Pirates of Pulau Penzanzes. Having been presented succcessfully on the operatic stage and on Broadway, this promises to be an entertaining introduction to opera that will please both musical theatre afficionados, opera buffs and the unitiated alike. Look out for performances by a cast of professional and amateur singers, promising young voices and the Joy Chorale, a choir made up of members of the community with a passion for music!


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